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Agile software development, what is it?

Agile development is an approach to software development that focuses on delivering value to customers through step-by-step and flexible development. Rather than a linear, specification-based approach, Agile encourages flexibility, rapid adaptation, change, and continuous feedback. Agile development means working in small steps with a dynamic approach.

Agile software development, what is it?

The essence of agile software development

Agile is based on four core values, as set out in the Agile Manifesto. These values emphasize individuals and interactions over processes and tools, working software over comprehensive documentation, customer collaboration over contract negotiations, and responsiveness to change over following a plan.

These core values guide Agile teams to be successful in delivering value to customers and achieving their goals.

What are the benefits of agile working?

Agile working offers several advantages. First of all, it leads to a shorter time-to-market, allowing organizations to respond more quickly to changing market conditions. Furthermore, the emphasis on customer focus leads to higher customer satisfaction, because customers regularly see working software and are actively involved in the process. In addition, the focus on continuous improvement and feedback leads to higher product quality and a more committed and motivated team.

Challenges within agile software development

While Agile offers many benefits, it also comes with challenges development teams may encounter. Managing stakeholder expectations, maintaining a consistent pace of development, and dealing with constantly changing priorities and goals are some of the challenges that development teams can face. It is important to recognize these challenges and develop effective strategies to address them.

The different agile methods

There are several methods within the Agile framework, including Scrum, Kanban, Extreme Programming (XP), and Lean Software Development. Each of these methods has its own set of principles, practices and rituals to facilitate software development.

Agile development of SST

Within SST, Agile software development is applied to be flexible and responsive to customer needs. Through short development cycles, regular feedback rounds and close collaboration with stakeholders, SST strives to deliver high-quality software products that meet customer expectations.

View SST's working method for more information.

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