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We are software engineers and we love challenges. Complex issues are the fertile ground for our job satisfaction. That’s why we enjoy developing custom software. Nothing is too complex for us to solve.

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SST develops software from Enschede

We believe in the power of custom software to take a leap forward. We seek the best results in collaboration with our clients. No matter how complex the technical challenge, we gladly take it on. In doing so, we combine our education and expertise with our passion for technology. That way, we always find suitable software solutions.


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how we develop your software

The quality of the software we develop for our clients is of great importance and always comes first. Therefore, we have devised a fixed workflow to minimize human errors as much as possible. We have documented our SST Development Workflow, and within SST Software, everyone knows and follows this workflow. The task allocation and review moments during the development of custom software are always clear. This way, we ensure the quality of the entire process, from design to deployment. Our own workflow, the no-nonsense style of our development process, and our self-managing teams result in optimal custom software!

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why choose custom software?

Custom software can be a completely new application, or the smart adjustment or linking of existing software. We can also further develop software. Having custom software developed is in many cases the right choice.

With custom software, for example, you avoid having to buy a software package pay for all kinds of features that you don't use at all. In addition, custom software can be exactly what you need to all your wishes. The software is made exactly how you want it, to connect seamlessly with your business processes. This saves you a lot of time and money.

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want to spar about your ideas first?

Even if you are not quite sure whether custom software redevelopment is the right solution for you. Or if you don't know exactly what you need yet, we are happy to help you!

Together we can discuss the right solution and how we can support you in this. Do you want to sit down with one of our software experts to find out?

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working for SST

Melcher - Software Engineer

“I find the combination of hardware and software a wonderful challenge!”

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