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web applications

Nowadays, a lot of software is offered as a web application, from complex data management systems to workstations on a production line. At SST Software you can have a web application created that perfectly suits your needs.

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Web application technology

We develop and maintain web applications built using various languages, frameworks, and technologies. We do not specialize in one industry but believe that our broad expertise in IT always adds value and enables us to make the right technical decisions for your organization.

PHP Symfony & Laravel

At SST, we frequently use Symfony and Laravel, which are also two of the most well-known PHP frameworks. Both frameworks have strong communities and offer a wide range of tools and libraries to make our lives easier.

Java Spring

In addition to PHP, Java is also a very popular language, which is often used as a tool within training courses because of the accuracy it requires to develop. Read about the difference between Java and PHP here. A popular Java framework is the Spring framework. Spring provides a comprehensive toolkit for developing both small and large, complex Java applications. Almost all Java applications that we develop are developed in the Spring framework.

Python Django & Flask

Python is also very well-suited for certain applications, ranging from web development and data analysis to artificial intelligence and scientific research. Depending on the application that needs to be developed, we opt for either Django or Flask as Python frameworks. Additionally, when we need to communicate with hardware from a web application, Python is our go-to language.


We also make use of .NET for developing and maintaining robust and scalable applications. .NET is a versatile and comprehensive framework from Microsoft that enables us to build both web and desktop applications that integrate well with various databases and APIs.


Vue.js is a JavaScript framework used for building user interfaces. Vue helps you develop modern web applications, allowing you to start by integrating Vue into projects that use other technologies. This makes it appealing for both small and large projects.


Angular is an open-source framework developed and maintained by Google. It is written in TypeScript and is the successor to AngularJS. Angular is designed to assist developers in building dynamic, modern single-page web applications that are both easy to maintain and scalable.


Node.js is an open-source runtime environment that enables JavaScript to run outside the browser, primarily for server-side applications. Node.js allows developers to build scalable and efficient applications.


For many challenges, a web application can be a good solution. We select a technology that fits your specific solution and organization.

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Research platforms

We work for various organizations that specialize in conducting research for other organizations and the public sector. With years of experience in this field, we have developed many web applications. These range from large platforms with complete survey tooling, triggers, and panel management to applications that support field research.

In addition to web applications, we often also develop mobile applications, for instance, to conduct mobility research or to better connect with respondents within a specific research panel. For projects that include a survey component, we have also developed our own survey library.

Product configurators CPQ’s

From assembling a pizza to configuring a complex quote with tens of thousands of components, CPQs Configure, Price, Quote can be found everywhere. For some problems, standard packages are not sufficient; for these problems, we offer a solution. We integrate a custom CPQ with your application landscape and ensure that the necessary data is made accessible.

Customers or employees can use this configurator to assemble a product themselves Configure based on a complex set of rules and restrictions. Subsequently, they can immediately see the price Price of the product and generate a quote Quote. A CPQ helps you provide your customers with accurate proposals more quickly and streamlines the workflow.

Data management platforms

Collecting data can be quite challenging, but after collecting it, the data also needs to be processed. From managing the complete dictionary of signs by the Dutch Sign Language Center to maintaining a database of employment information on all branches in the Netherlands by the LISA Foundation.

With smart integrations, automated workflows, and a user-friendly management environment, we ensure that you can manage and access your data as efficiently as possible.

Workstations & Control Panels

When people think of web applications, they often think of websites or systems accessed via a browser, but web applications are also highly suitable for uses such as workstations or control panels. We have deployed web applications on workstations in factories, where production staff could see the required modifications the product required.

Additionally, the control panel for the parcel lockers is also a web application. By combining the web application with a simple hardware server in Python, peripheral devices can also be controlled.

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