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The effective maintenance of your software determines how well it can continue to support your business’ growth into the future. Once the development phase has been successfully completed and the software has been rolled out and implemented, the support and maintenance phase begins.

Extend the lifespan of the software

The maintenance requirements differ per type of software. Overall, however, the lifespan of software is generally limited as a result of rapidly changing external factors, such as server software, browser software and programming languages. As the environment around us becomes increasingly complex, software requires periodical maintenance in order to stay secure and stable.

Our maintenance contracts therefore provide periodical maintenance for your software, tailored to your specific needs and requirements. This involves e.g. updating the versions of programming languages and/or frameworks to ensure your software can continue to run smoothly and reliably. It is also important to implement essential security updates to keep your software secure and protect the data it processes. Such updates are usually released several times per year.

Rapid problem resolution guaranteed

When a performance or security issue occurs, it is important to resolve it as quickly as possible. After the development phase, we are therefore able to respond quickly to issues and roll out fixes. We provide support for your software based on a Service Level Agreement.

Our software engineers possess the requisite technical knowledge of your software to provide the support you need. With guaranteed availability and response time, we make sure any problems are swiftly dealt with as they arise. We also proactively monitor your software in the background and can act quickly if we detect any irregularities.

Guaranteed peace of mind

Avoid unexpected costs with periodical maintenance. We offer you guaranteed peace of mind with periodical maintenance for your software, so you can continue to focus on the growth of your business.

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