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code audit

A code audit is a thorough analysis of the source code of your software. Our team of experienced developers and experts examines the structure, efficiency, and security of your code to identify potential bottlenecks and vulnerabilities and to assess the quality. Discover the various possibilities.

Why conduct a code audit?

Organizations have various reasons for conducting a source code audit. Whether it's to gain insight into the overall status or quality (independent assessment), or to perform an audit in response to a request for 'taking over' software. Therefore, there are different reasons for a code audit that we encounter in practice;

  • Doubts about the quality and security of the code
  • Doubts about scalability and maintainability
  • Obtaining a general status
  • Assessing the costs for redevelopment
  • Evaluating the costs and steps for takeover management

A code audit thus offers valuable insights. Our audits assist in obtaining insight and assessing overall quality.

Types of Code Audits at SST Software

With our extensive knowledge in software solutions, we are capable of conducting source code audits across a wide range of languages and techniques. Our expertise includes, but is not limited to:

  • Various programming languages: PHP, Java/Kotlin, Swift, .NET, Python, C/C++
  • Overall architecture: the overarching structure and coherence of the software design
  • Security: potential security risks and vulnerabilities
  • Maintainability: the degree of maintenance, adaptation, and expansion required

We offer two types of audits: the Quickscan audit and the Customized audit. Depending on your desires and needs, we choose an audit that suits them.

Quickscan audit

During the Quickscan, we perform a standard code audit consisting of various components. This audit is completed in one working day and results in a comprehensive management report covering the following topics:

  • Documentation
  • Code quality
  • Testing
  • Development best practices
  • Infrastructure
  • Security
  • Maintenance
  • Regelgeving & licenties

Would you like to know more about what these topics entail and how we assess them? Read more here.

The Quickscan is suitable for mapping out the general status and quality of a project, as well as assessing its security and scalability.

Price: 1.000,-

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Customized audit

In addition to a standard source code audit, we can also analyze specific issues for you, such as:

  • Valuation
  • Cost estimate for redevelopment
  • Indication for management takeover
  • Analysis of multiple applications
  • Analysis of different architectures

The output of this audit is also customized and can range from: a quote (valuation, redevelopment), a complete action plan (management takeover) to an extensive management report.

Price: based on the assignment

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Why choose a source code audit from SST Software?

At SST, we are able to look at an application objectively. We understand various methods and are aware that there isn't always just one path to Rome. We conduct an audit based on the nature of the application and tailor our assessment accordingly.

We are ready to assist you with:

  • An experienced team of senior software engineers and experts
  • Thorough analysis of source code and project status
  • Customized audits for a wide range of software solutions
  • A reliable partner for improved software performance

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