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our method

Our method is designed to allow us to get down to the basics quickly and resolve problems in a smart manner. Every problem is unique and calls for its own solution.

our workflow

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We are proud of the things we create. Deservedly so, because the software we develop meets a high standard of quality. We do not automatically attain that level of quality, because to err is human. Software development involves more than programming alone. Our team is therefore intimately familiar with the entire process; from design to deployment.

We use our development workflow in all our projects to safeguard the quality of our software. This workflow clearly prescribes the task divisions and review moments during the software development process. Everyone at SST knows and follows this workflow.

Quality first

The quality of our software is our foremost concern. We have therefore decided to record the SST Development Workflow and have everyone follow it. It is a structured development process with e.g. ample review moments to safeguard quality.

Besides the quality of the software, we have other reasons for formulating our own unique workflow. These are security, teamwork, autonomy, future durability and the personal development of every member of our team. Would you like to know more about our workflow? Contact us. We are happy to tell you more!

no-nonsense development

One of the keys to our method is that we strive to develop software with optimal efficiency. We therefore prefer to work in an agile manner. Using a short-cyclical approach, we will have something to deliver after every two- to three-week sprint. This allows us to gather feedback at an early stage and take this into account during subsequent sprints.

Together with the client, we fill the backlog with desired functionalities. Before the start of each sprint, we decide what to work on and what the deliverable should look like. We maintain this rhythm until we have achieved our final goal.

self-directing SSTeams

To make the most of the agile method, it is essential that a team is self-directing. This is only possible when all members of the team fully understand the ultimate goal they are working towards. This does not mean that a team should be left alone to do what it believes is best.

It is important to maintain a proper team structure. We have many years of experience with this. Complex issues call for the right team structure. How do we do this? Read more here about how we form our SSTeams in a manner that optimally coincides with our method.

Welcome challenge

No matter how complex an issue may be, we can come up with the right solution. The challenges our clients present to us allow us to realise progress and strive towards impact.

Would you like to know what we can do for you, are you looking for more information about our method or do you have a challenge for us? Contact us now by filling out the contact form below.

working at SST

Menno van der Werff – Business & IT Specialist

“Software development involves more than just programming. Our team specialises in the whole process, from design to deployment.”

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