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Proof of concept within custom software development

Before we start a custom software development project, we often do extensive preparation. It is important to know what we are going to build. Not only for us, but also for our customers. A Proof of Concept (PoC) can be an essential part of our preparation phase.

Proof of concept within custom software development

What is a proof of concept?

A Proof of Concept in software development is a small-scale development that demonstrates that a certain concept, technique or idea is feasible in practice. This is an important phase where the technical feasibility and/or functionality and potential of a project are tested before time and resources are spent on it.

Why is a proof of concept important in software development?

A Proof of Concept is essential in the development of custom software. It not only helps our development team, but also provides vital benefits to our customers. Below are some reasons why a PoC is indispensable:

  • Risk reduction: A PoC helps us test the technical feasibility and operational workability of a concept, allowing us to identify and resolve problems early. This reduces the risk of failure in later phases and prevents unexpected costs and delays.
  • Stakeholder Agreement: A PoC provides a visual and functional demonstration of the proposed solution, allowing stakeholders, including project teams and customers, to review the solution and provide feedback before full development begins. This promotes shared understanding and agreement.
  • Fostering Innovation: A PoC allows teams to experiment with new ideas and solutions in a controlled environment. This promotes creativity and innovation without the pressure of the entire project.

Examples of a proof of concept

Below are some different examples where a PoC can add significant value to the software development process:

  • Validation technology: Based on the desire to develop applications for desktop and mobile, we first developed a PoC to test the operation of the technology. Specifically, we investigated whether the technology is compatible with the client's hardware.
  • Implementing an AI tool: Before developing a full AI solution, a PoC could assess the effectiveness of the AI tool within the existing system to ensure it would be a successful solution.

What is the difference between a proof of concept and a prototype?

Although both terms are often used interchangeably, a Proof of Concept refers to testing the project idea for technical feasibility, while a prototype is an early version of the product used to test the functional aspect of the project.

Proof of concept within SST's custom software

At SST we use a PoC to show our customers how our software solutions can improve their business processes. This allows us to work closely with customers to develop software that truly meets their unique business needs and challenges.

For more information about our approach and how we use PoC in custom software development, you can view our working method.

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