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We love nothing more than technical challenges. That is why we have been developing innovative software for ambitious startups, fast-growing scale-ups and leading grown-ups for over twenty years.

Welcome technology

Our team includes specialists in various programming languages and development environments, which allows us to choose the most suitable language and environment per client and per project. We only use common and up-to-date technology. We try to utilise so-called Long Time Support versions whenever we can.

This ensures the software continues to receive new security updates as long as possible. At the start of the project, we select the most recent LTS versions of the programming language, database software, development framework and server software.

wide variety

We work on a wide variety of software solutions. These include native mobile applications, web applications and industrial applications. We also develop embedded software from time to time. We design and develop the right tailor-made software, based on the client's needs.

We have experience in the fields of wearables, peripherals en industrial hardware like PLCs and PCBs. We have often developed complete software solutions for industrial automation.

Boil complexity down to simplicity

Our strength lies in our ability to boil technical complexity down to simplicity. We can quickly get to the basics and effectively resolve all manner of software-related problems. We have built our method around this.

The software we develop is used by clients in numerous sectors, including Retail, Logistics, Mobility & Industry. We work with clients who are looking to innovate, professionalise or stabilise. Depending on the phase that these businesses are in, we make sure to provide them with the right software that ties into their goals.

Mobile development

As real nerds, we always keep an eye on the evolution of mobile apps. We have years of experience developing mobile applications for a large national & international customer base. We are completely up-to-date when it comes to the newest mobile technologies and do integrations with various types of hardware as well.

We work on a daily base with platform-specific programming languages such as Java, Kotlin or Swift and have experience in developing mobile applications in Flutter as well as developing Progressive Web Apps (PWA's). Read more about the mobile applications we develop.

Technical partner

For our clients, we are a technical partner from the initial strategic assessment all the way up to management and maintenance. Despite our persistentfocus on quality and technology, we never lose sight of our clients’ business objectives. Our team of powernerds possesses amble business acumen.

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