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SST was established over 20 years ago. We would like to give you some insight into our organisation's journey thus far.

our timeline


Students Solutions Twente was founded as a spin-off of the University of Twente. Hans Schaap and Vincent Hoogsteder founded SST as BIT and Telematics students. In its early years, SST was a student business where technical students developed software as a sideline.



One of the two current owners Bram acquires SST. The idea to grow SST into a mature software development business is formed shortly after, and starts to slowly fade it's student image. This is realized by adding specialization in offered services and add focus on technique. The name is changed to SST Software.



Our first full-timers were hired! Daniel and Mike. They first worked for SST as students, but both joined SST on a full-time basis after completing their studies. A milestone in SST's history! And the best part is that they both still work for SST.


Rick & WAME

An important year in SST's history, dominated by two events. Rick became a co-owner. He is responsible for new business development, among other things. Secondly, fellow software company WAME BV was acquired at the end of that year. As a result, SST suddenly grew by 5 people, to a total of 17 people.


new office

In 2019, we outgrew our office because of all the developments we had experienced. It was time for a bigger office. This prompted the move to our current site. Extensive renovations took place during the summer before we moved in, around October.


new visual identity

Our new visual identity was completed in March! We launched it on a grand scale with, among other things, a completely new website, a bus that drove around Twente for the rest of the year displaying our striking advertisement, and impressive merchandise such as printed socks, Dopper water bottles and rubber ducks.

We have meanwhile become a development society of 27 professionals.


a new beginning

After a decade of SST, it was time for Kamiel to go on another journey. Bram and Rick took over his shares and together they are now the only two owners of SST. They all look back on a great time and are happy with how this has ended.

Bram and Rick will continue to work at/on SST at full speed. Together with Menno they are in charge of the daily operation.


SST Labs

May 1st, we have launched our spin-off SST Labs! A technical innovation lab with a focus on supporting organizations in early stages of innovation. In SST Labs, we work with a multidisciplinary team on software, hardware, mechanics, and design.

SST Labs is the place where we explore, validate, and create innovations in an accessible way. By developing prototypes, we bring successful ideas to life.


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