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Welcome ISO27001 Certification

SST Software successfully obtained ISO 27001 certification, the international standard for information security, in March 2023. We have always had a strong focus on information security at SST. We have had a stringent security policy in place for some time and already had a separate security team that continually works on the security of our organisation as well as the software we supply to our clients. It was therefore a logical step for us to attain the ISO 27001 certificate. That way, we can demonstrate that SST has appropriate processes in place for information security.

Security expert checking ISO 27001

To obtain ISO 27001 certification, the whole organisation must take information security into account for all processes. Among other things, it naturally concerns the security of our systems, as well as security guarantees in relation to our software development process, access to our office and evaluation of our suppliers. Our policy, our processes and all security measures are evaluated annually by BSI, an independent party.

Working on ISO 27001 certification

We are naturally proud to be certified. The full certificate can be downloaded on our website. Let us know if you have any questions about our information security policy, our Statement of Applicability or what we had to do in order to become certified. We would be happy to assist. Welcome information security.

Bram Wenting

Bram Wenting is co-owner of SST Software and SST Labs. Read his blogs.

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