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Adopting existing functionality blindly or just renewing the interface of existing software is a missed opportunity. A clear vision is required.

First take a step back

The redevelopment of existing software is the perfect opportunity to innovate and create more value for end users. We therefore always advise rediscovering the software before starting with programming. Take a step back and have us carry out a pragmatic preliminary assessment.

Together, we look at who uses the existing software and how they do so. Which functionality is primary, and which functionality is rarely used. And perhaps most importantly, why?

Welcome opportunity

Together, we record this journey of discovery in a pragmatic document. In this document, we outline the current situation as well as the desired situation, what techniques and approach we recommend, and what the prospected rebuild costs are.

Avoid the trap of completely rebuilding all the functionalities of the old software. Take advantage of this opportunity to develop a clear vision and strategy for the software and to use that as a basis for redevelopment.

This approach prevents a great deal of frustration and saves on development costs. It produces modern software that does what it should.

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