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API & integrations

Whether an API needs to be developed to unlock your data or software or systems need to be integrated, we have the experience to make it happen.

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There are various technical options for developing an API. Whether it's REST, SOAP, or GraphQL, we have extensive experience in it. This includes both developing an internal API for your software and implementing Partner APIs to link your software with that of other vendors or partners.

This includes both developing an internal API for your software and implementing Partner APIs to link your software with that of other vendors or partners.


With a proprietary API or the implementation of partner APIs, complex solutions can be realized. Curious about the kinds of API & Integration solutions we have experience with?

Integrate with accounting software

A frequently asked question to us is whether it's possible to link software to a new accounting program. By establishing a connection between custom tailor-made software and a standard accounting solution, we can, for example, utilize Master data present in the accounting package. This avoids duplicate data in multiple systems. In addition, we can also provide order- or inventory information through such connections, ensuring the information is up-to-date and the regular invoicing process can be used.

Within the accounting world, we have experience with, among others, Exact, Simplicate, and AccountView.


For e-commerce platforms, we use Partner APIs to unlock certain functionalities. This includes APIs for supporting payments such as Mollie, providing shipping/carrier information with OceanInsights, MyParcel, and Sendcloud, and sending transactional emails with MailGun.

Data enrichment

APIs are often used to enrich data, providing it with additional attributes to make it more useful for a client's specific goal. These could be public and free APIs or subscription-based APIs offering access to a part of the data. For example, X/Y coordinates can be found for locations, cadastral information can be retrieved, or inventory data can be fetched from a supplier to keep your own stocks up-to-date. You name it, there's probably an API for it. And if there isn't, we can develop one for you!


Before you can make use of your data, it needs to be visible somewhere, such as in PowerBI. We are not the ones who set up or visualize your PowerBI dashboard, but we are the team that connects your data sources and enriches them with missing information, placing it in a PowerBI-ready environment. After that, you can get started with your own PowerBI!


At SST, we are not SAP specialists, but we have regularly collaborated with SAP teams to set up two-way integrations. This was done, among other things, in a production environment where SAP was responsible for the complete order and inventory management, and the Manufacturing Execution System (developed by us) received the orders to be produced in the factory through this integration. Once the orders were processed by the MES, the software then transferred them back to SAP for shipping and payment.

What an API can do for you

Thanks to our extensive experience, we can offer your organization valuable advice on what's possible with internal APIs, how we can integrate your applications with each other, or how we can enrich your data.

We'd love to discuss this further with you. Feel free to get in touch for an introduction!

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