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We developed an iPad app for Velda that supports the entire sales process for field sales employees.



To make complete and up to date information available to field workers everywhere so they can record sales.


The ability to work quickly at sites with no or poor internet service using smart synchronisation solutions.


Provide field workers with optimal sales support containing all current data.


Field employees often used to head out with copious catalogues, a laptop, demo material, etc. In addition to high costs, it also meant the sales rep did not always have up-to-date information at their disposal. There was no insight into promotional offers or stock levels and orders had to be forwarded to colleagues manually. This had to be improved.

SST Software took on the challenge of developing an iPad app that would provide field workers with access to all information via a single app. Speed is of great importance during sales presentations. Large volumes of data as well as video files need to be available immediately. It was therefore important to develop a fast solution.



The iPad app we developed utilises an optimised synchronisation process. This means field employees always have both existing as well as newly added data at their disposal. In addition, changes made by the user are sent as soon as there is a good connection.

In the first version of this app, extra attention was devoted to the sales process used by Velda employees. A sales rep needs to be able to advise a client in a natural manner. We held individual interviews with employees to understand all of the important sales methodologies and to be able to incorporate them into the app. The app is therefore fully customised to the needs of the Velda team.



operating system

A native iOS app was developed, suitable for iPad.



The app is available in Dutch, German, French and English.



The app contains over 2000 items in total, for which field employees can prepare quotes.

in use for

over 10 years

The app has now been used for over 10 years to the full satisfaction of the users.


Now that complete and up-to-date information is available to field workers everywhere via the app, it is easier for them to record sales and do their jobs. They are able to advise clients more effectively using digital information. The optimised synchronisation process allows orders to be processed faster and without error.


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