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We developed a work package planner that assists TenneT in the provision of a reliable electricity supply to over 41 million end users.



To develop an intelligent tool for scheduling a growing number of projects.


Calculation of the whole package using a mathematical model.


Optimal management of a grid operator's project portfolio for 41 million end users.


TenneT faces major challenges in planning a growing number of projects. There are often numerous environmental factors at play and complex interdependencies with other projects and net situations. In addition, the capacity of certain critical resources is limited. These and many other factors make scheduling work, both maintenance and newbuild projects, an extraordinarily time-consuming and challenging process.

SST Software developed a work package planner in collaboration with partner CQM that makes the process quicker and smarter. It enables TenneT to carry out more projects and follow up on its strategic choices when determining its project portfolio.



The intelligent tool developed by SST and CQM uses a mathematical model to calculate the optimal work package. This optimal package is based on the required and available resources. The challenges have now been successfully trialed in a prototype. This prototype will be developed further into a fully-fledged super-intelligent and user-friendly tool.

The tool enables users to specify particular KPIs when calculating the work package. That way, the impact of strategic choices can be measured immediately. The work package planner shows by means of a score the extent to which projects have been planned as optimally as possible. TenneT is therefore able to determine its optimal work package in accordance with its strategic choices far more quickly and effectively.


41 million

end users

A work package planner that ensures the provision of a reliable electricity supply to 41 million end users.

3 sprints

for a working prototype

A working prototype in just 3 sprints.


programming language

The software was developed in Java.


mathematical library

The software was integrated with a mathematical optimisation model.



For the time being, it is a stand-alone application without links to other applications.


TenneT provides a reliable and uninterrupted electricity supply to over 41 million end users. TenneT also plays a central role in the country's energy transition process. Its workload is therefore increasing. The work package planner that we have built for them helps them optimally manage their project portfolio and thus makes an important contribution to the feasibility of the work package. This was a successful collaboration that resulted in an impressive result, of which we are proud and with which TenneT is highly satisfied.


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