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TOP Planning is a complete software solution, enabling organisations to manage their resource management, project management, HRM and financial administration through a single system. TOP Planning is a SaaS solution that is licensed to multiple cultural institutions.



An all-in-one software suite that gives control and takes the administrative burden off of organisations that work a lot with volunteers or freelancers.


Based on a scalable SaaS architecture, the platform can grow with organisations and offer modular TOP Planning packages.


Through a comprehensive software suite, employees and volunteers of organisations are supported in managing their own matters - from notifying availability to requesting time off.


We faced the major challenge of developing an all-in-one software solution that provides control and takes the administrative burden off of organisations that work with volunteers or freelancers. Think of museums, theatres and sports clubs. Goal was to enable them to independently manage their resource management, project management, HRM and financial administration through a single system. An additional challenge was that the platform had to be scalable so that organisations of various sizes could grow along with it as the organisation continued to develop.

SST Software took up on the challenge to develop a reliable, efficient and scalable Software As A Service SaaS platform with one central management environment, by means of modern techniques. In which planning and resource management is automated and efficient cooperation is possible with both freelancers and volunteers.



With a scalable SaaS architecture as a basis, a reliable, efficient and complete administration & planning platform has been developed that allows organisations to reduce their administrative workload. The scalability of the platform allows it to grow along with organisations. In doing so, it is fully owned by SST and is now licensed by several organisations.

To make this possible, SST Software has cooperated with experts in culture and education. Using the latest techniques, an advanced SaaS architecture was created for TOP Planning. This makes it possible to offer modular packages of TOP Planning, which allows even small organizations that work with volunteers to use practical automation functionalities. This way, TOP Planning offers organizations the opportunity to start small and grow along the way.



Software as a Service

TOP Planning is a SaaS solution with a modular structure based on three standard packages. This allows companies to start small and grow along with growing acquirements.


centraal management system

A single management environment in which projects, planning, resource management, users and settings can be managed.



The resource management module in TOP Planning prevents double usage of staff, rooms, and materials.



TOP Planning's project management tool makes efficient project management possible, by storing all project information in one environment.



By using smart planning rules, employees can flawlessly schedule staff, rooms and materials for internal or external activities.


access & ticket registration

Free or paid activities such as lectures and workshops can be booked online by participants. The management and administration is done entirely via TOP.


By developing an efficient, complete and reliable administration and planning software solution, aimed at organisations that work with many volunteers, they get more control over their organisation and reduce their administrative burden.

Users of TOP Planning have their own management environment and the freedom to determine who has access to it, and in what form. Certain TOP functionalities can be used per organisation.


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