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We developed a responsive research platform with questionnaire tooling for Crowdience, making citizen science and research accessible to both special audiences and external partners.



Making a scalable and flexible research platform with questionnaire tooling accessible to special target groups.


With knowledge of the desired functionalities and modern techniques, an advanced architecture is created.


A flexible and scalable research platform that, with questionnaire tooling designed for the special target group, can engage them in citizen research and science.


Crowdience faced a major challenge. Many surveys use questionnaires, but special target groups such as people with a language deficiency or mental disability cannot always participate. Crowdience wanted to develop an online and efficient research platform to involve this target group in various research projects. At the same time, external parties should be able to use the research platform to let these special target groups participate in citizen surveys and science.

The challenge for SST was to develop a reliable, scalable and flexible platform with questionnaire tooling within one central management environment by means of modern techniques. Speech-to-voice and voice-to-speech elements, enlarging and reducing texts and a step-by-step onboarding process must ensure that special target groups can participate in research projects.



SST Software has developed an reliable and scalable online research platform, with which Crowdience and external partners can launch various projects and questionnaires simultaneously. Within a project, a questionnaire with different question types and a routing with question blocks can be composed via the management environment. This way, a participant can be routed to specific follow-up questions depending on the given answer. In addition, the UX, the design and the operation of the questionnaires is fully tailored to special target groups. Example question types: yes/no questions, open questions, multiple choice questions, VAS scale and standard choice answer sets. The question types can be managed and configured by the user.

To make this possible, SST Software conducted a functional and technical preliminary study together with Crowdience and design agency Wordlenig. With knowledge of the desired functionalities such as Speech-to-voice and Voice-to-speech elements, increasing and decreasing the size of texts and a step by step onboarding process, an advanced architecture was created with the most modern techniques. This architecture served as the basis for developing the research platform and the questionnaire tool within one central management environment.



questionnaire configurator

Through the central management environment of the platform, questionnaires with different question types can be configured, designed particularly for special target groups.


central management system

One environment in which projects, questionnaires, users and settings can be managed.


speech-to-voice and speech-to-text support

By adding a speech button, all components within the platform can be read out loud. In addition, the speech-to-text functionality ensures that answers can be recorded and automatically written down.



Through an extensive, step-by-step onboarding, participants who use the platform for the first time are explained about the research platform and the participation in questionnaires.


Q&A Support

While participating in the surveys, help is available for any part of the questionnaire. By clicking on the Corrie figure, additional explanations are provided with tooltips.



Two different data export options are integrated within the Crowdience platform. Both the questions and statements of a questionnaire and the answers to the questionnaires can be exported.


Because the questionnaire tooling is now accessible through an efficient and reliable research platform for special target groups, people with intellectual disabilities, for example, can better participate in citizen research and science. In this way, important insights are gained into the knowledge and experiences of this group of citizens.

With the platform in a central management system, Crowdience can manage projects, questionnaires, users and settings and determine how projects and questionnaires are configured. In addition, an external party can also independently and quickly configure a questionnaire and distribute it to special target groups. Survey results can be retrieved directly and exported for analytical purposes.


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