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We developed a 3D product configurator for TnT Speeltoestellen so that their clients can design complex playground equipment themselves.



To enable clients to design their own unique playground equipment that meets stringent safety criteria.


A user-friendly 2D design environment that converts playground equipment into realistic 3D-models in real time.


A more efficient and reliable design process that also gives the client options.


TnT Speeltoestellen has an extensive range of components with which an endless amount of different playground equipment can be designed. TnT Speeltoestellen had always undertaken the design on behalf of its clients. After all, playground equipment must always be safe for children. However, this is an incredibly time-consuming process that involves the client, TnT, a graphic designer, and the supplier.



SST Software developed a very user-friendly configurator with which anyone can design playground equipment digitally. You simply add new components in a convenient 2D design environment and adjust them as desired. Users are shown a realistic 3D-representation of the playground equipment in real time.

To make this possible, the entire range of TnT playground equipment has been digitized and labelled with all technical specifications and safety requirements. That way, the configurator can automatically calculate whether a component can be used or not, or whether it poses a safety risk to children. The playground equipment that is designed always meets the stringent safety requirements.




Over 200 components digitised.

Infinite range

of playground equipment

Infinite range of playground equipment.

2D & 3D


2D design environment with 3D representation.


By enabling clients such as schools or local authorities to create the design themselves, various labour-intensive steps are bypassed and a quote can be prepared quickly. Moreover, clients themselves can design playground equipment that fits the desired location perfectly without compromising on the safety of the equipment. This has already produced incredibly unique and creative playground equipment in practice.

Clients have greater freedom to design their own playground equipment and TnT saves on design costs.


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