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We have developed a news website with an accompanying app for U-Today, which allows easy sharing of important articles and news updates with readers.



Realize a website and mobile app that brings news to the readers quickly and clearly.


Being able to easily post, edit, and display news articles in an organized manner for readers, all from one place.


Being able to disseminate important news quickly and easily through both the website and push notifications via the mobile app.

Reading university news anywhere


U-Today is the independent journalistic platform of the University of Twente (UT). With daily news, it keeps the UT and its surroundings informed about current affairs. Like many other news media, U-Today was looking for ways to reinvent itself to remain attractive to its audience. In addition to the regular news service, there was also a need for Magazines and Specials to be featured. Furthermore, there was a desire to expand the online platform with an Android and iOS app.

SST faced the challenge of developing a website and mobile application that supports U-Today in disseminating important news and current affairs. The main principles for the website and app were a future-proof design and user-friendliness for both U-Today and the app users. Therefore, the focus was on creating a backend that allows for easy input of articles and a user-friendly frontend to ensure a smooth and enjoyable experience for the users.

Digital news platform


The website and mobile app that we have developed provide U-Today with full control over all news reporting and articles. With the configurable Homepage, they can select the most important articles to be displayed at the top of the website or app. Additionally, U-Today can now share the latest news quickly and easily with its readers through push notifications via the mobile app. Thanks to these functionalities, readers can immediately access the most important messages when opening the site or click further into one of the Magazines or Specials.

To develop a website and mobile application (Android & iOS) that align with the specific requirements, we worked closely with U-Today. An external designer created the design, and based on that, we collaborated with U-Today to start the development process. We gradually expanded the basic layout for the website and mobile app in collaboration with U-Today, resulting in the first version. It was successfully launched. Currently, we provide periodic updates to the production environment and implement desired minor improvements as needed.


news history

The news from the past years is maintained within the website and app and supplemented with current events.

one backend

U-Today can swiftly switch and publish news articles from a single backend.


With the bilingual news site, international students from the University of Twente can also access the news.

android & iOS

The application is available for both Android and iOS, allowing every reader to enable push notifications.


Users of the app can quickly and easily read the latest news from a clear and organized display.

Mobile app for university news


Thanks to the development and management of the website and apps, U-Today now has a stable foundation to disseminate its news among readers. With daily news, in-depth interviews, photo stories, and videos, the platform keeps the UT and its surroundings informed about current affairs. The most important news is shared quickly and easily through both the Homepage and push notifications in the mobile app. During the development process, considerations were made for potential future adjustments, ensuring that the design remains up to date as time progresses.


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