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We developed the Aquatester Pro app for Velda. It is designed for pond and aquarium owners to measure and diagnose water values quickly and accurately.



Develop an easy-to-use app that can receive water values via Bluetooth, accurately diagnose and provide advice.


With the application of a Bluetooth Low Energy protocol, the water measurement data are efficiently sent to the app and easily read.


Easily and accurately diagnose water values and anticipate abnormal values where necessary.


Pond owners and aquarium owners like to keep their water healthy. Velda wants to support reliable, fast and easy measurement of water values. So that if there are abnormal water values, the right products can be purchased to optimise the water quality. With a custom-made device, Velda wants to ensure that water test strips can be read. To make it user-friendly, the measurement results should be easily displayed in an app.

To SST Software, the challenge is to develop a user-friendly app that can receive water values via Bluetooth. To keep water in optimal condition, it enables pond owners and aquarium owners to efficiently read measurement data in an app. Water values are accurately diagnosed and conveniently presented to the user.



The developed native Android and iOS app fully meets the needs of pond owners and aquarium owners. Measurement results can be read out lightning fast and because of the clear displays, both problems and improvement options are immediately visible. In the event of abnormal water values, the app automatically gives the appropriate product advice to improve water quality.

In order to respond to the specific needs of the end users, SST worked with Velda to create a storyboard of a number of scenarios. Together with the manufacturer of the measuring device, we then looked at the possibilities of getting the measured values into the app as quickly and easily as possible. Through a number of demo versions, we jointly determined the easiest way to link and began implementing the app.



central CMS

A central CMS in multiple languages with a complex database structure allowing Velda to manage the generic recommendations.


The developed apps automatically synchronise with the CMS through a dedicated API.


(Bluetooth Low Energy)

Bluetooth Low Energy implementation quickly and efficiently sends user-friendly measurement results to the app.


With the graph library, measurement statistics over time can be displayed.

Java and Swift

The native app is written in Java and Swift.


Through the app, any owner can now measure pond or aquarium water values like a professional. The measurement results can be read with high speed and accuracy, and the app automatically gives the right product advice in the event of abnormal water values.


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