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pre­li­mi­na­ry as­sess­ment

Thorough preparation increases the likelihood of a successful and efficient redevelopment project. That is why we often first carry out a preliminary functional and technical assessment in collaboration with the client.

Avoid unnecessary costs

The preliminary assessment is carried out by a Lead Software Engineer and a Business Consultant. We assess the existing situation and define the desired situation. We do that for the development of new software, as well as the rebuilding of existing software.

We also examine the codebase of the existing software, if available. Among other things, we assess the reusability of the current code. Reusability could affect development costs considerably.

Welcome strategy

A thorough preliminary assessment enables us to devise the best approach and advise our clients well. During this initial phase, we clarify all requirements, document the most important choices and produce a basic technical design. We do this through a combination of investigating the code and documentation and conducting interviews.

We then create a concise strategy with a clear go/no-go point. This serves as a guideline for redevelopment of the desired software.

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